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Dustin and Kristen:   A video slideshow of Dustin and Kristen together. (Broadband) (Photodex)
Dustin and Friends:   A video slideshow of Dustin with his friends. (Broadband) (Photodex)
Kristen and Friends:   A video slideshow of Kristen with her friends. (Broadband) (Photodex)
Ron Fox "Tribute to Dustin" Video  Ron was Dustin's PE coach in elementary school, his instructor through many years of soccer clinics, and ultimately his soccer coach all through high school and the last five years of club soccer in Tucson. Ron produced this video which has been reformatted to play on the website. Note: Because of the size of the video, it may not download completely with some slower speed DSL internet connections. (Photodex)
Tribute Video to Brennan Larson:    This is a link to a video of Brennan Larson, the fellow climber who died in the accident with Dustin and Kristen. It was made by his friends in Utah to celebrate his life. To view the video Click Here. Brennan also has a posting at To read this Click Here.

Dustin's Portait Link to Biography
Dustin James Yoder
9/28/82 - 6/27/06

Kristen's Portait Link to Biography
Kristen Elise Yoder
11/6/84 - 6/27/06